We believe that CHWs have the power to transform health care in this country. Join us in this exciting work.

Community Health Worker

Do you do good without being asked? Apply now to become a Community Health Worker!

Community Health Worker Program Coordinator

You are highly organized and are able to prioritize tasks and move them ahead seamlessly to goal completion; you excel at keeping the trains running and keeping track of multiple moving pieces. One of your strengths is working independently while being part of a strong team. You not only fix the problem in front of you, but also work to fix the system. Communication is one of your strengths – you connect easily with people and leverage patience and open-mindedness in your professional and personal interactions.

Community Health Worker Program Manager

You lead your team with an eye to purpose and a spirit of accountability and collaboration. You value diversity and communication and think teams are stronger when everyone has a voice. You are highly organized and do what you say you will do. You use data to monitor team progress and achieve program goals. You aren’t afraid to own mistakes and use them to learn and move forward. You like working independently but also value direct connection with your team and the clients you serve. You welcome receiving and giving constructive feedback. You not only fix the problem in front of you, but work to fix the system.

Product Owner, Enterprise Cloud Software & Services

The ultimate right-left brainer, you can grasp technical details and communicate crisply with Community Health Workers, engineers and business leaders. You are customer obsessed and love to write – your product specifications, no matter how technical, read like stories. You think about all angles and edge cases, and you see around corners. You are conscientious and always do what you say you will do. You thrive on direct contact with end-users and are excited to provide support to help them troubleshoot issues and successfully use our application.

CHW Recruitment Specialist

We are looking for a detail-oriented and discerning Community Health Worker (CHW) Recruitment Specialist. You are ideal for this role if you are a great judge of character and a process oriented operator who enjoys connecting with new people. You can efficiently source candidates using common job platforms like Indeed. You can spend 30 minutes talking with a candidate and get a clear sense of who they are as a person; you can look past a resume and assess candidates’ core attributes like empathy and non-judgement. You are highly organized, and are able to prioritize tasks and move them ahead seamlessly to goal completion.

Head of Community Mobilization

We are looking for a community organizer and leader who is passionate about dismantling inequity and who confidently steps into the ring to speak truth to power. You are ideal for this role if you have lived expertise of inequity and a track record of mobilizing communities, for instance as a labor organizer. In this role, you will advance the Community Health Worker workforce nationally by building a grassroots network, spearheading policy advocacy, and creating strategic partnerships. To be successful in this role, you must be a coalition builder who is energized by collaborating with others. You must know how to organize large-scale campaigns, events and networks. You don’t pick fights, but you’re not afraid to mix it up and challenge thinking on important topics.